Learning Experiences of the Global Understanding Class


  • Halima Amjad Fatima Jinnah Womens University
  • Adeela Rehman Fatima Jinnah Womens University


Non-native English Students


This paper aims to share the experience of the global partner education and learning environment of distance learning. The Global Understanding course is a very innovative and excellent addition to the curriculum at Fatima Jinnah Women University. The idea of interacting with students around the world is an initiative by East Carolina University, USA. It not only provides the opportunity to interact with global students but also provides intercultural learning and sharing of each other’s experiences as a student. Overall, the interaction of students from two different countries (i.e., USA and Algeria) was very productive in terms of learning each other’s culture, education system, family, religion, and other social issues.  Through online video conferencing, it was a unique experience and contributed a creative dimension to our education based learning.