Non-Native Users and Global Classrooms As a Tool


  • Victoria Eugenia Amores Language Director and Exchange Program Coordinator Universidad Del Pacifico


business, communication, field study, China


The Global Understanding Program is an initiative of East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, North Carolina, USA. Universidad Del Pacifico (UDP) in Quito, Ecuador is one of the participants. Participants in the program utilized tools such as videoconference and real time chatting in order to help non-native students develop and express their ideas on cultural themes related to their native countries. Participants were motivated by this interactive experience, which allowed them to share ideas with students from different countries in a synchronized time. Themes of participant discussions included prejudice, stereotypes, college life, religion, traditions, among others. These discussions provided nonnative speakers from UDP the opportunity to orally communicate in English with their Global Classroom partners, and increase their fluency and written skills in English. The Global Partner program also allowed for redevelopment of the English language curriculum at UDP. Bilingual Spanish-English instructor in Universidad Del Pacifico were essential to successful mediation of the communicative events.

Author Biography

Victoria Eugenia Amores, Language Director and Exchange Program Coordinator Universidad Del Pacifico

Language Department Regional Director and Exchange Program Coordinator. Virtual Classroom Supervisor





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