The Effect of Teacher-Mediated Vocabulary Discussions During Read Alouds


  • Leanne R. Radabaugh East Carolina University
  • Elizabeth A. Swaggerty East Carolina University


This action research study utilized a quasi-experimental pre-/post-test design to examine effect of teacher-mediated vocabulary discussions during read alouds. Fourteen second grade students participated in teacher-led discussions of new vocabulary in the context of the text and their lives. They discussed examples, non-examples, and synonyms for the targeted vocabulary. Fifteen comparison group students were incidentally exposed to the words during read alouds. Data sources included a pre/post-test multiple choice vocabulary assessment, open-ended vocabulary assessment, and researcher log. The intervention group’s mean gain vocabulary scores were significantly higher than the comparison group’s scores which ultimately have a positive impact on their reading comprehension indicating success of the intervention. Furthermore, the intervention showed positive results for students regardless of assessed reading ability levels.