Message from the Chair - "Many 'Drops' of Service"


  • Patrick E. Connolly Purdue University


At the time of this writing, we have just finished the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. What a great time we had! The Engineering Design Graphics technical sessions were (as always) informative, professional, and enlightening. There were presentations on teaching CAD for advanced modeling tasks, utilizing online teaching resources, augmented reality, spatial ability, and visualization skills, among others. It was refreshing to see two significant presentations on sketching/freehand drawing, and the continued recognition of the importance of this skill set in the design and problem solving processes. Reflecting the overall emphasis of being on the cutting edge, the presentations, example, and discussion on distance education in graphics instruction were impressive.


Of course, there were executive committee and division business meetings to discuss the structure and bylaws of the division – items that will impact the future of who we are and what we do. We continued the discussion on a potential name change for the division, and will have more feedback as we wrap up that item before the end of the year. The new Division Chair, Tim Sexton, will be a great leader, and it promises to be an exciting year for us under his tenure!


The awards banquet was outstanding. Frank Croft, Mike Stewart, and Jim Leach truly did an outstanding job in getting the conference program and venues established. The highlight of the conference for me was the banquet awards presentations. Our Distinguished Service Award recipient was Ron Paré, and he presented a very interesting and moving look back at some of the luminaries who helped establish and lead the Division through the past decades. His presentation caused me to pause and reflect on my insignificant contribution to the Division over the past decade – surely a small ‘drop’ in a large ocean of dedicated service by so many! As I pondered on this awhile longer though, the thought occurred to me that every great ocean is made up of uncounted millions of small drops. As I looked around me at the banquet, I saw, even in that small setting, individuals who have contributed many, many ‘drops’ of service over the years in many Division positions, on many committees, and in classrooms and laboratories around the world. It was quite an inspiring moment! As I close my time as Division Chair, I want to thank all of you for your efforts and commitment to the Engineering Design Graphics Division. In my humble opinion, there is not a division in the entire ASEE organization that can hold a candle to the EDGD for dedicated members – you are the best!


Thank you for your support!


Pat Connolly



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