SolidProfessor Virtual Education Summit


To see the agenda, go to To see who is speaking, go to  Notice that some of our own will be presenting: Marie Planchard, Rustin Webster, and Rudy Ottway.

ASEE members will receive 25% off the general admission. When registering at enter ASEE at Enter access code. Note that early-bird admission is good through Fri Jul 3.

Finally, if you’re interested in serving as a Summit speaker, presenter, or panelist, SolidProfessor is looking for someone to talk about internships and how we can help students get them and how we can create relationships with local companies. SolidProfessor is also seeking additional industry panelists who’d be willing to speak about what employers look for when hiring, the necessary hard/soft skills, the nice-to-have hard/soft skills, and where they see gaps between industry and college grads. If you’re interested or you have advisory committee members who be interested, contact Sarah.

Feel free to write back if you have

Have a safe and restful July 4th.